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It's been ages since I last poked my head around the internets. There's been so much stuff going on. I said that Rigg's Hell would be on hiatus for two months but those two months turned into five. ARG. Here's what happened: I was preparing for a university entrance exam and spend all of my free time doing just that. Then, I came back from taking said exam. And a huge load of work happened. It sucked and I spent my free time either sleeping, bitching about much work sucked, or angsting about whether or not I'd make it into college.

But guess what? I passed the exam :D I've moved out of state and will be starting school on Monday. My schedule seems pretty lax for this first semester, so I think I'll have plenty of free time to start comicking again :D Unless Physics and Math take over all of my life because I'll be majoring in Physics. Yaaaay!

Let's see how things go from here and here's to hoping that my brain doesn't explode :)

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